Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Legend of Favio: Part 3

Where were we?
Hmmm...?  Oh yes, yes.  My apologies.  I was just explaining to you that the greatest threat to this fragile little world we call Azeroth has managed to remain completely anonymous...until now.  Oh yes, mortal.  He is Terror incarnate.  He makes the most horrific of villains seems like a cool, summer breeze.

Yes, the Goblin warlock known as Gobbledygook should strike fear in the most courageous of hearts...yet he is only an apprentice.  Does this shock you?  Yes...I admit I was dismayed at first as well.  The Master was more gentle in explaining this chaos to me than I was to you.

Here...take a look at this image of Gobbledygook.

He is a master of blending in.  No one would notice this creature and be overwhelmed with dread.  Yet his power is dwarfed by the true Evil.  Do you not see him?  Look again, mortal.

YES!  I didn't believe it at first either!  But the truth will set you free...and if you don't pay attention and learn what my Master has to teach, it will kill you as well.

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