Friday, May 3, 2013


In November of 2005, Blizzard Headquarters experienced a series of strange electronic phenomena that knocked out all of the servers that housed the World of Warcraft.  Their crafty engineers responded to the problem immediately and soon had all realms back online.  They assumed that the issue had been resolved and no further consequences of the electrical storm could be detected.

The Tauren Hunter, Oldskrool disappeared during that storm.  His friends thought he had logged forever.  His guild replaced him with an Undead Rogue. 

Time moved forward.  The game progressed.  Outland was retaken.  The Lich King was conquered.  Deathwing flew no more.  The lost continent of Pandaria was rediscovered.  The Hunter Oldskrool lay dorment in an unknowing dream...forgotten by all who roam Azeroth.

Until now...


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