Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Legend of Favio: Part 1

Well, well, well.  Here you are.

You may call me...."Honey".

Get ready for some awesomesauce.

You've finally picked up his scent...a faint inkling that a being of great power has been traveling among you for years.   How many villains have you slain?  How many Champions have you bested?  Well congratulations.   None of that really matters.  Because he was the reason for your success.

You don't believe me?
You dare snicker at my words?

I should kill you for your insolence!

But wanton bloodshed is not my way anymore.  I need a witness and a scribe to forever preserve my Master's awesomeness. one else would believe me.

So grab a chair and order a few mugs of ale. 

You're going to need it.